Weird Baldhead Tattoos

#1 Gross
The eye sees all. Unfortunately, it looks pretty infected. Is that conjunctivitis? There's something super un-menacing about an evil infected eye. It can't stare into your soul when it's so very itchy.

This guy should seriously consider getting a bottle of Visine tattooed right above it. The eye would certainly appreciate it. Or at least a hand to rub some of that gunk away.
#15 Mowing the Lawn
The best way to go bald is with a sense of humor. "It's not a bald spot, I just have an overzealous mower on my scalp."

This little guy is also a great way to keep track of your scalp's progress. We bet those wheels touched hairline a few years back.

The final verdict? This is a great retirement tattoo. That's our polite way of saying "wait until you never have to go in for a job interview again." Not every boss will appreciate your wry sense of humor.