Best Tattoo Cover-Ups Before And After

#1 Forget The Bird I Just Want Some Feathers
The picture on the left shows a pretty standard and boring dove which is something anyone would want to cover up. The picture on the right manages to take something as simple as feathers and make them look beautiful. If you look closely it almost looks like the feathers have eyes and they are watching you...creepy.
#14 From Boring To Epic
Originally this tattoo started as a tribal...we think...whatever it was, it was pretty awful. After a touch up with the right artist this tattoo went from awful to epic. This person no longer has to be afraid to show off their awesome tattoo although it might make people think they're on drugs.

Disney Tattoos You Wont Regret

#1 Alice in Wonderland
I have a feeling this lady has seen Alice in Wonderland a few times. Dedicating that much real estate to the Disney classic is bold, and awesome when it turns out this great.
#10 Badgirl Disney
This is kind of trashy-hot, if that's even a thing. We think it is, it's so very Badgirl RiRi. The only concern here is that your nails have to be on point everyday. Manicures galore. No days off. Are you up to the challenge?

Worst Tattoo Fails

#1 Wanna Share A Meal?
What's for dinner? Whatever it is, it's so fresh it's alive! We get it.. Sometimes the enjoyment of eating together really enhances a relationship. But why would you want to ink this image on your back? Wait, are those octopuses or snakes supposed to be tongues.. eww!
#9 How Many
Do you think this guy gets a mouthful of "comments" on the misspell? Tattoo artists would be wise to have a dictionary on-hand in their parlors. Can you imagine when this guy finds out?.. and he thought he was being clever. Thankfully he can always grow his hair out.

Weird Baldhead Tattoos

#1 Gross
The eye sees all. Unfortunately, it looks pretty infected. Is that conjunctivitis? There's something super un-menacing about an evil infected eye. It can't stare into your soul when it's so very itchy.

This guy should seriously consider getting a bottle of Visine tattooed right above it. The eye would certainly appreciate it. Or at least a hand to rub some of that gunk away.
#15 Mowing the Lawn
The best way to go bald is with a sense of humor. "It's not a bald spot, I just have an overzealous mower on my scalp."

This little guy is also a great way to keep track of your scalp's progress. We bet those wheels touched hairline a few years back.

The final verdict? This is a great retirement tattoo. That's our polite way of saying "wait until you never have to go in for a job interview again." Not every boss will appreciate your wry sense of humor.

Craziest Jesus Tattoos

#1 Is This Still The Same Guy
What's with this trend of changing Jesus' species?
#15 And Then This . . .
Sometimes you need friends to just say no. This person did not have those friends.