JE Design Audi Q7 4L Concept “STREET ROCKET”

What comes out if JE DESIGN his special painting “Red Rocket” with his Audi Q7 aerodynamics kit “Street Sports” combined? The JE DESIGN “Street Rocket”! A fine luxury car with a built-show effect.

His importance of sport occurrence of JE DESIGN wins “Rocket Street” with the chassis set “Street Sports” (5,719, – €). JE DESIGN combined here a new front spoiler, twin headlights with headlight visors, side skirts and rear a new approach to a dynamic front only way strotzenden optics. It harmonizes perfectly with the Audi lines and then grafted the radiates Q7 continue the typical elegance. The JE DESIGN Doppeltrapezauspuffendrohre from chromed stainless steel (988, – €) put a further visual highlight. An additional show effect, especially at night, guaranteeing the LED Illumination at the bottom of the vehicle (depending skirts 5-fach/Heckschürze 6-fold) for 1.500, – €.

Through the special painting “Red Rocket” with a special depth and high gloss brilliance, the JE DESIGN for 15.000, – € offering stings JE DESIGN `s” Street Rocket “final clear out of the mass.

More pressure on the boiler

For the 3.0 V6 TDI JE DESIGN offers increased performance on a modified engine management. The series data of 171 kW/233 hp and 500 Nm JE DESIGN increases to 210 kW/285 hp and 550 Nm, which gives emphasis more sovereignty. Sun also rises because the maximum speed of 210 to 219 km / h. The acceleration of 0-100 km / h is improved from 9.1 to 8.4 seconds. In the 1,149, – € for the changes is obviously a TÜV parts contain advice. Also in order to meet the AU rules, customers need not worry. Exporters builds for the whole of the JE DESIGN 4.2 V8 gasoline engine to the compressor. 500 hp then speak a clear language!
Mighty wheels

Powerful vehicles need powerful bikes. This requirement meets the new JE DESIGN wheel “SUV Select” with flying colors. The massive, with its timeless five-spoke wheel design shiny suits not only by its name perfect vehicle for generic “SUV”, but also with the dimensions 10×22 “ET 55 (PCD 5×130) is the perfect size. The piece, cast wheel “SUV Select” JE DESIGN offers in the execution “black / silver front matte” or, alternatively, also in shadow silver / silver gloss front “to. It istfür 690, – € available. A Komplettradsatz with tires of the dimension 295/30 ZR 22 will cost 5,190, – €. JE DESIGN “SUV-Select” is compatible with the Serienradschrauben of the Audi Q 7 4L.

Rounded the sharp outer appearance of the JE DESIGN “Rocket Street” by a stainless steel chassis thread “Street Comfort” (3,039, – €), which, for a sportier handling while standesgemäßen comfort. Alternatively JE DESIGN offers an electronic lowering (1,606 .- €), which for vehicles with air suspension is used.

Interior of the finest

The interior of the JE DESIGN “Street Rocket” has a lot to offer. Because it presents to many components not only in carbon, but also color-matched to the outer special painting “Red Rocket.” The ruby-Carbon Set (3,317, – €) consists of doorframes, the instrument panel and the lower center console. Also with a part of ruby-equipped Carbon is offered by JE DESIGN, dreispeichige ergonomic leather sports steering wheel (1,980, – €), such as the Audi R8 at the bottom is flattened.

Even more luxury sprayed JE DESIGN Alcantara equipment (9,580, – €), the Türmittenteile, including parts of the middle seat head restraints (with JE DESIGN logo), the headliners, including the ABCD includes columns. The threads of the seams JE DESIGN also true colors on the exterior paint from. Who is immune from prying eyes wants to be, in addition elect JE DESIGN “Privacy-tint” for the rear side windows and rear window (500, – €). Finish the rolling VIP lounge!

High-end hi-fi extension with custom

At the request makes the JE DESIGN Q7 with the help of the “Sound Concept discrete high class” for rolling concert hall. The car hi-fi expansion to 13,000, – € includes the following components: Harman Kardon Drive & Play 2 – iPod control including color display, Harman Kardon CA 470 – 4 channel amplifier (4 x 85 Watts RMS into 4 ohms) for front and rear system , Harman Kardon CA 1500 m – Mono subwoofer amplifier (360 watts RMS into 4 ohms, 600 watts RMS at 2 ohms), Infinity frontal system, rear Infinity system, Infinity Kappa Perfect VQ: 12 “(30cm) subwoofer and a Rockford Fosgate 3sixty signal processor (with Bluetooth control) for connection to the serial system.

The car hi-fi components are used in various maßangefertigte housing. The works comprise the sky console, which pictures Tweeter and the subwoofer enclosures, each including with respect Alcantara. In addition, the amplifier maßangefertigt console and the desire to boot baseplate so modified that it is the name of the sound aufweist. Alternatively, here comes a transparent, illuminated Plexiglas disc to use the technology-up displays.

The complete renovation with all components for exterior and interior JE DESIGN offer includes installation of 61,000 .- €.

JE Design Audi Q7 4L Concept “STREET ROCKET”