T2 Concept

T2 concept by the South African based mostly Idries Noah aims to embody that inexperienced, and being inexperienced aware, is that the new black of the car business. The concept focuses on turning the Idries Noah T2 into the fastest setting friendly sports automotive. It has a 3.5 liter V6 engine with 2 electrical motors that deliver up to 350 KW of power and is ready accelerate to a hundred km/hr in four seconds and a sleek style concept that's still up for development to maximise aerodynamic performance of the automotive.

The whole project is actually still underneath development, and whereas prospective consumers are uncertain that the automotive will very achieve speed benchmark it claims, Idries Noah is hopeful to form the right hybrid of a speedy sports automotive and an electronic engine which will be one amongst the most effective within the market of the setting aware shoppers.