Modification New Yamaha Scorpio Z 2011

Modification New Yamaha Scorpio Z 2011
Who would have thought that the modifier Topo Goedel Atmodjo already have students to enliven the modification. Even the modifier of eccentric pupil is also already started to show teeth. Not to be outdone by his teacher!

Modification New Yamaha Scorpio Z 2011
Young modifier named Tugi Nazareth who came from Pekanbaru also showed tajinya by changing the Yamaha Scorpio Z in 2008 to a motorcycle that looked vicious street fighter.

"This is an original idea, Tugi has managed to learn how to modify only in 2 years. This is his first work, and I'm projecting him as the embryo of a future builder," beber the teacher that his accent is still porous.

Tugi wild idea by Topo later he directed to be shed into the Scorpio Z Artiansyah owned or commonly called biah this. "With the insert from me he has managed to create an elegant modification," said founder Tauco Custom modification of this workshop.

Scorpio body Z which impressed responsibility made Tugi become more muscular with a new body made of special plate material galvasis 0.8 mm. When seen from the design and materials used are very similar Tugi clear the teacher. Like the ancient proverb, 'the fruit falls not far from the tree. "

But, do not wait too long, let surgeons work of this young prime modifier. In view of the exterior look, the aura of the mighty clearly visible thanks to a variety of applications ranging from basic foods handlebar modification Kawasaki Ninja belonging to accent a round hole in the front shroud that flows into the new tank is sturdy and stern made somewhat 'nungging'.

For the main light lamp headlamp Tugi use of Suzuki Satria FU and stoplamp owned Honda Grand. Furthermore, the body of the scorpion It was then sprayed black paint to give birth to an aura of mysterious and spooky.

Ferocity this motor is more obvious when we look back swing arm that made very big. Arm swing is a product of Custom Products Kwangen which is also produced by the teacher.

"For the legs to replace her with a rim with a diameter of 17 inches for the front and rear, and covered with Delitire tires sized 110/70/17 for the front, while the back size 140/70/17