Ferrari 458 Italia gets the Auto Express 2011 Performance Car of the Year Award

Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari 458 Italia Ferrari produced the Ferrari Italia hoping to take the automobile market by surprise with its performance. Surprise is what we got. Reports from all over the world arose about Ferrari 458 getting totaled and burnt on the streets. The car was thus taken off the streets for safety issues and was re-launched recently hoping for a rejuvenation. Lately though, Ferrari 458 has been in the news, very often, but for wrong reasons.
Amidst all this, Ferrari 458 has seen a ray of hope winning the 2011 Performance Car of The Year. This comes as a surprise for us as well. The car may be fast and powerful, yet one thing that it is not, is reliable. As a British magazine puts it, the decision made by the jury is quite questionable with enough negative reports about the car. But the award is theirs and the final decision is of the jury. Maybe the jury saw something in the car that we didn’t.