Small Tattoo

small tattoo

Small Tattoo - Which Should You Get?

By Steve J Carter

So, you've seen some small tattoo and decide you want? Although only a small part of a big decision! This will be with you for the rest of your life so you need to make sure that you choose the right one for you, let us quickly look at the various things to consider:


small tattoo Well obviously this is one of the most important choice! If you have entered into a tattoo shop, then you have seen their design choices and may find a load that you like. If you like the design but do not like where you can now find thousands of online design that you can print off and the time required for each artist who will do it for you.

You have to think about what would represent, there are so many different choices, heart, angel, skull, probably recall a small tattoo around 1-3,5 inch size so you should not be too complicated.

Always sleep on your decision, take it from someone who must have one of their closed high tattoo, you need to sleep on it, so you do not make choices that are in a hurry!


Ok, so you must choose your design, you sure about that, now what is even more important decision than the design? Artists who would do of course!

small tattoo You know I've covered the tattoo - a bad artist! Do not ever think that they are all equal, buy a tattoo magazine and find someone close to you who think well, look online for reviews, not only into the living room because some people may not be in business!

Bad artist will make it more painful than necessary, they will not be enough in so that the ink out and they would have no drawing skills are very good so that lines and shapes of all defects, which is worse than no tattoos!

Get recommendations, see the examples of the work, if in doubt for the trip to see an artist who has won awards in other cities from one of the magazines you buy (if you do not have one near you that). You will regret it for a long time if you choose a bad artist.


Now you have the design and competent artist, but where you can finish it? That depends entirely on you. From experience I would say anywhere as to avoid too thin can hurt, but otherwise it's up to you!

Most employers do not like to see a tattoo - so if you work in an office trying to not have one in the neck or arms, but otherwise it anywhere and should feel is best for you, ask around people you know who has one for example -examples of where they were made so that you can get the small tattoo idea.

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Cool Tattoo

cool tattoo

Best Cool Tattoo Designs For Men and Women

Chris Ryerson

Have you ever wondered what the cool tattoo designs and how you can find them? This is very common to see people in search of cool tattoos. They are looking for on Google and they sent a question in Yahoo are always looking for cool tattoo. So what's cool and what tattoo should you get a tattoo on your body permanently? Well you may not like the answer, but what's cool is whatever you think is cool. Keep reading and let me explain in more detail

cool tattooIs Becoming Popular

I. things that you should really see when you ask yourself the question what is cool tattoo designs what is cool in the first place. You see all those descries what they consider cool in different ways. For some people the cold lower back tattoo designs women. For cold tattoo is a skull and crossbones. For the computer nerd in the crowd was cool maybe some code. You see when you start diving into this question really opened a Pandora's box of what is cool.

Let Me Tell You What Is Hot

Okay then, let me close Pandora's box once and for all and to end the whole debate a cool tattoo designs. What was cool completely up to you and what you think. This is a state of mind that comes from being confident and self-confidence. Cool people who really no different than anyone else the only thing that distinguishes them is their confidence and the time and place. If you take someone who was cool back in the 1970s and transplanted them to the time when they no longer fit or cold. So the best thing to do is believe in yourself and confident in who you are. Enjoy the uniqueness and differences. You see after all that really what a tattoo is all about. Tattoos are wonderful forms of self-expression and showed a small piece of the world or the inner workings of your mind. If you feel comfortable with who you are and what you think and as you'll end up getting a tattoo. To the fact that you like it!

What Is Not Cool

What is not cool and this will translate into a tattoo design is also insecure and constantly worried about what other people think. This will make you feel much pressure and are in a panic since. If you are in this country to show to everyone cool tattooaround you and you will absolutely not bring yourself in a cool way. So get a tattoo design because it is a design, someone said you were cold or your friends get the same thing will not make you cool. Do not copy what your favorite celebrity will not make you feel cool. Rather than taking the time to search within yourself and discover what's important to you and ways you can express that through the tattoo. Of course you run the risk that no one understands your design or what you will go but who cares you do for yourself and not others.

With all that said, I know that unfortunately there are still some out there reading this advice in their minds and to themselves, "okay I get that so what's cool" and they may be wondering when this person will only tell us What a cool tattoo designs. So because you can not beat them all the time and I know some people will never hear here are some of the top cool tattoo designs for men and cool tattoo designs for women who are listed below.

Tattoo Designs For Men

* Ambigram

* Old School Tattoos

* West Coast Style Tattoos

* Japanese Tattoo Designs

* Dragon Tattoos

Tattoo Designs For Women

* Flowers

* Butterflies

* Sayings, Poetry And Text

* Italian writes

* Foot Tattoos

So there is a list of some cool tattoo designs. It felt like the article was sold to the devil and I'm pretty sure the whole first part. I hope you read it and take it to heart. If you really want to get a tattoo design and you are not sure what to then take some time. Think about what you want tattoos to represent and then find a ton of great designs that display the things you like. Maybe the color or part of the design but to print the things you like. Take all the designs and their ideas for your tattoo artist and tell him what you want to represent and show the work that you like and then let them do their job and design your tattoo.

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Laser Tattoo Removal Prices

laser tattoo removal prices

Laser Tattoo Removal Prices Overviews

By Patty Hahne

There are so many people in the world today use tattooing. There are also millions of people who really regretted their decision to get it. People who are dissatisfied has many options to choose from when deciding on methods of removing tattoos.

* They can choose Laser Removal

* They can choose Tattoo Removal Cream

* They can choose Tattoo Removing TCA

* They can choose dermabrasion

* They can choose Reverse Tattoos

* They can choose a surgical excision

* They can choose Salabrasion

* They can select Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

* They can choose Coatings

Laser Tattoo Removal

laser tattoo removal pricesLaser tattoo removal prices will range quite a bit depending on where you've done. This should only be done by a licensed physician.

Prices can fluctuate between $ 200 and $ 600 per session. Repeat visits are usually required. The number of sessions will depend on the size of the tattoo, laser, color ink, the amount of ink, and special doctors who perform the procedure.

You must shop around to get the best price. It is important to find a doctor with a reputation for good works. You may get better results from a doctor who did this on a regular basis than only done a few times.

Tattoo Removal Cream

Only a few companies out there that sell tattoo removal cream. Remember that as laser tattoo removal, cream will actually gradually faded tattoos. Size, amount of ink, color, and depth, are factors that will influence the length of treatment. Here are some of the cost to remove the tattoo cream per Common in August 2009.

Tattoo Off Kit - $ 68.00

Profade - 1 month - $ 69.95

Profade - 2 months - $ 119.95

Profade - 4 months - $ 199.95

Profade - 6 months - $ 299

Tat B Gone - Trial - $ 73.95

Tat B Gone - 2 months - $ 124.95

Tat B Gone - 4 months - $ 189.99

Tat B Gone - 6 months - $ 299.99

Tat B Gone - 10 months - $ 479.99

Wrecking balm 24 pack - $ 199.95

Wrecking balm 72 pack - $ 399.95

Dermasal Tattoo Removal Kit - $ 86.00

TCA Tattoo Removal. Cost factors are the same applies to remove the tattoo TCA product as a laser, and Tattoo Removal Cream.

Perfect Image Solutions - $ 29.99

Yavonae - $ 59.99

Inkbusters - One ounce - $ 39.95

Inkbusters - Two ounces - $ 59.95

Dermabrasion. It was hard enough to find this option prices but research shows the cost of about $ 1000 to $ 5000 depending on the factors outlined above.

laser tattoo removal pricesReverse Tattoos. You should plan to spend as much as you spent on having a tattoo applied in the first place. The same equipment that the tattoo was applied with use for removal of tattoos. The technician doing the same elimination will spend the amount of time required to apply the tattoo so that you will pay a proportional amount of money. As the methods listed above, several sessions are required to complete the process.

Surgical excision. This is the most expensive method. Must be performed by a licensed physician. This is an elective procedure and the insurance company will not pay for it. The cost will depend on a number of variables. Physician costs, drug prices, tattoo size, antibiotics, pain medication, and follow up check ups all would contribute to the cost of this method.

Salabrasion. This is a common way to remove tattoos and there is not much information out there about what's going to cost.

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy. You can expect to fork out about $ 250 to $ 650 per session. If you choose this option. It takes between four and six treatment sessions and patients can get treatment every 30 days.

Obscurity. This is not a tattoo tattoo removal but hiding. Ever is less, may be the right choice for you if you just want to cover a tattoo for a while.

TatJacket sleeve that is worn over the arms tattooed - $ 19.99

Tattoo Camo - $ 34 for small tubes

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Laser Tattoo Removal

laser tattoo removal

Laser Tattoo Removal Process

By Patty Hahne

There are millions of people in the world today with a tattoo. Unfortunately, there are also millions of people who wish they did not get a tattoo in the first place. Maybe it's bad or do they reflect the message that they no longer wish to convey to the world. Regardless of their reasons for wanting a tattoo removed, they want to go.

The most popular method of laser tattoo removal therapy. Before you decide to undergo treatment there are some important things you should know.

laser tattoo removal1. Laser Tattoo Removal expensive. Costs can range from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Actually there is no way to know exactly how much the whole process will be charged for some tattoo requires several sessions and some need a lot. You will be charged by the session and not a tattoo.

2. Laser Tattoo Removal painful. Having a tattoo is applied is painful, but those who have undergone laser surgery procedure claim that it is more painful than getting a tattoo.

3. Color tattoo is much more difficult to remove than the black tattoo. This will be more expensive and time consuming to have been removed.

4. There is always a risk of infection with this procedure.

5. There is also a risk that after completion of therapy, you may be left with scarring.

6. There is also a risk that the end result will leave your skin lighter or darker in the tattoo area.

If you know the risks and still choose to have the procedure, you need to know about the procedure itself. You should only go to a licensed physician who is experienced in laser tattoo removal. You do not want a doctor to learn the trade on your body.

To remove the tattoos, the short bursts of laser light is pulsed into the skin. Light travels through the top layer of skin and fragments the ink into small particles that can be naturally absorbed by the body's immune system. Your body usually takes about three weeks to flush your system of these ink particles. This is why the follow-up visits are usually scheduled within three to four week intervals.

Because black ink is absorbed by the color of light is the easiest to target with a laser. Other colors will require more specialized lasers. Ensure that the laser surgeon that you see is fully prepared to deal with colored ink.

To reduce the pain, many patients have a topical anesthetic applied to the areas that will be held on therapy before the actual procedure. Others have the option of using a local anesthetic. Those who have had the procedure report that it was a bit like a splash of hot oil into your skin.

laser tattoo removalActual session is very short so it should be a little reassuring. You will not survive an hour of torture.

After the session, the doctor will just treat wounds with antiseptic ointment to help prevent infection. Special precautions must be taken to avoid the infected area. A scab may form over the treated area. Scabs is the nature of band aids. Do not peel scabs or your risk of scarring will be significantly higher.

After the area has healed, you will return to the doctor to go through the whole process again. After many sessions, you have to tattoo to go. You can not get your hopes up and expect to be like a virgin area, flawless skin. Possible skin fits perfectly with your whole body low enough. Nothing less, the tattoo will disappear and you can continue with your life.

But I will warn you that you might want to think long and hard before your next boyfriends name tattooed on your body.

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Wheel with Wings Tattoo

Wheel Wings Tattoo
Wheel with Wings Tattoo

Rose Flower Tattoo Designs

Rose Flower Tattoo Designs
Rose Flower Tattoo Designs

Balinese Carving Tattoo Design

Balinese Carving Tattoo Design
Balinese Carving Tattoo Design

Green Ant Tattoo Art

Green Ant Tattoo Art
Green Ant Tattoo Art

Colorful Dragon Tattoo Designs

Colorful Dragon Tattoo Designs

Arm Tattoo - Red Fish Designs

Arm Tattoo - Red Fish Designs
Arm Tattoo - Red Fish Designs

Arm Tattoo - Fish Design Before Colored

Arm Tattoo - Fish Design Before Colored
Arm Tattoo - Fish Design Before Colored

McLaren MP4-12C First Photo and Details

The British maker of the popular F1 (1993-1998) and the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren (2003-2008) has finally revealed its first super car, the McLaren MP4-12C. This two-seater mid-engine model have been developed in-house, meaning that it features no carryover parts from any other car, and will be produced by McLaren in the UK with sales expected to begin in early 2011.

McLaren MP4-12C picture

This British super car is a 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that delivers "around 600 horsepower and 600Nm or 443 lb-ft", with 80 per cent of torque available below 2,000rpm. The engine drives the rear wheels through two wet clutches and a McLaren-developed seven speed Seamless Shift dual clutch gearbox (SSG).

Volkswagen Golf R

Volkswagen {link} have given the motoring world its first official look at the range topping Golf, the Golf R. Meant as a direct replacement for the out going mark 5 Golf R32 the mark 6 Golf R offers 270PS (a 20PS increase over the R32) and 350Nm of torque from a 2 litre turbocharged engine, thereby becoming the most powerful production Golf ever made. The TSI engine in the Golf R is similar to that fitted to the GTI but not the same. Originating in the mark 5 GTI the engine has undergone a large amount of development to produce 270PS; this includes stiffening of the cylinder block, new turbo, new intercooler, high pressure injectors and heavy duty internal parts.
As with the old R32 the Golf R uses Volkswagen’s 4motion 4 wheel drive system to transmit its power to the road, when combined with a DSG gearbox this means the Golf R can sprint from 0-62mph in a creditable 5½ seconds carrying on to an electronically limited top speed of 155mph.
The latest generation 4motion fitted to the Golf R is the most sophisticated yet and, for the first time, will allow almost all the power to be transmitted to the rear wheels only. The system is supposed to react quicker and smoother that the generation before thanks to the use of a new, pump driven pre-charged hydraulic system. Development of the transmission, and Golf R in general, started in the spring of this year at the motor industries favourite test track, the Nürburgring.
Working in conjunction with 4motion is enhanced ESP (with a specific ‚Sport’ mode designed predominantly for track use) and suspension that sits 25mm lower than standard. Wheels are 18“ as standard with 19“ optional, standard tyre size is 225/40..
Styling wise the Golf R To set the Golf R apart from a conventional Golf or has a new front fitted with LED running lights, a new rear bumper with a gloss black diffuser that houses the trademark pair of centrally exiting exhausts. The Golf R also comes a new black grille, wing mirrors and a set of sill extensions. Bi-xenon headlights are standard providing excellent forward lighting, the rear lights are unique to the Golf R with high-intensity LED bulbs and behind smoked lenses.
The interior remains traditional Golf with extra R badging and detailing, as per other R models this includes pedals, steering wheel and sill protectors.Volkswagen have mentioned that the Golf R (produced, incidentally, by Volkswagen Individual) is a more extreme performance model than the Scirocco R, claiming that where the Scirocco stops in terms of performance and handling the Golf R starts. Certainly Ford, Opel/Vauxhall and Renault will be studying the Golf R very carefully to see if it does set new standards in the performance (or ‚hot’) hatch segment.
Sales commence at the end of the year with prices expected to start around £28,500.

Irmscher Astra

Irmscher launched their tuning options for the Opel/Vauxhall Astra on their stand at the IAA (Frankfurt motor show) yesterday. For those who find the standard new Astra a tad run-of-the-mill Irmscher {link} are offering a comprehensive range of styling products, both exterior and interior.
Exterior styling products include a front spoiler/lip for the bumper, sideskirts, a rear diffuser/spoiler plus a roof spoiler. The traditional Irmscher grille is available for the new Astra in either stainless steel or carbon effect.
Dynamic improvements include 18” wheels (20” wheels are currently being developed), 30mm lowering springs and a quad piped, twin exit (left and right) stainless steel exhaust back box that offers better through flow, a sportier sound and improved aesthetics.
Irmscher are offering complete leather interior for the new Astra (including seats, door panels and centre rests), aluminium door pins, pedals and stainless steel sill covers.

New Buttonwillow Tech

A few people have asked for pics of our air scoop and on-board cooling system re-filler. Here are close-ups. 

Fabbed this scoop from a cardboard box and attached it with sheet metal screws and washers, packaging tape, and a those two steel rods that originally supported the front wheel fender. It worked great and survived at least 4 off-road excursions.

When our overheating issue returned at the beginning of day one we considered our options. We decided to suffer through the day refilling the cooling system as needed implement a fix in the evening. After watching Paul do a 7 hour head gasket job only to still have overheating issues, we decided to it would be better to find a more effective way to refill and bleed the cooling system than tear the engine open. 

I'd seen Team Eyesore's weed sprayer with a pressure fitting on their cooling system and suggested we copy them. Randal took it a step further and mounted the bottle in the cab so we could refill on the track. The pressure bottle feeds through a ball valve and into the heater circuit on the engine. We would pump the bottle a few times on the front straight and if we thought the engine was getting warm, we opened the valve for a few seconds. Not really a solution, but certainly an effective temporary fix. We didn't overheat again during the race! 

If you want more details or images contact me. 

All my photos from the race are HERE (including several shot by Judy Kiel). Joe's are HERE.

Tattoo and Piercing

tattoo and piercing

Tattoo and Piercing Reviews and Guide

By: Kang Arnot

If you're considering a tattoo and not sure the style you'd like, one of the artists will provide guidance based on your preferences, personality and overall style. Tattoo and piercing is an oasis in the middle of the desert culture of the Haight street. This age limit is suspended for pierced ears, but in relation to all other areas, because children younger than 16 who are still developing and thus at risk for transfer of tattoos and piercing.

tattoo and piercingTattoos and piercing will never lose appeal for most people. "They are regarded as works of art more than anything, and they are part of who one is." Everyone wants to show a little personality and has a tattoo and body piercing is a clear way to do it.

Currently you see a lot of people of various ages were found stabbed and trends have a tattoo on their bodies. Common good piercing among teenagers or young adults, they penetrated their ears, mouths, eyes and even on their nipples. They may feel that they look cool, walking down the street and get a lot of attention.

Tattoo and piercingtattoo and piercing is the ever growing industry and of course there are products that help people to reduce the pain if not all. While many market analysts claim that the tattoo is a dying industry and product demand tattoo twice and three times each year. It is reported that there are about 50,000 people search online emla cream used as a numbing cream. With one of the survey team leader call center in north amercia, they have reached about 20,000 tattoo shops to find out whether numb cream used in their stores.

Tattoo and piercing that requires breaking the skin barrier which is sometimes a risk to health. Because the tattoo and piercing equipment coming in contact of blood than it might be an infection because this tool a lot of people survive. Finally in conclusion, tattoo is art that has been used since long in the world for decorative purposes. This is good if the tattoo is a good tool and they should not be able to produce any infection.

tattoo and piercing

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Back At It

We've been accepted to Thunder Hill. I've had a nice vacation from so much as thinking about cars and now I'm ready to wrench. 

Met with teammates and potentials for brunch Saturday to plan. Our big issue is still the overheating problem, likely a head gasket. Combined with some mediocre compression, it is time to get serious about rebuilding or replacing our engine. There are some good arguments for either solution. There is an interesting thread about a 1ZZ engine swap underway on MR2OC forums. I love the idea of a lighter, modern, reliable engine with a mild HP increase, but our engine is a known evil and we'll likely just rebuild. 

The team for this race is taking shape. Mark Jr is back for more. Tim, a friend of Mark's who has even less experience with cars than me, has been lending a hand and is in. I met Bill down the street working on his Corolla FX. He spent a lot of time helping me prep for Buttonwillow and is trying to arrange to drive or crew with us. There are a few others thinking about it.

World Fastest Car New Bugatti EB110

The Bugatti EB110 is a sports car manufactured by Bugatti Automobili SpA in between the years 1991-1995.

The price of the Bugatti EB110 cost over $350,000 US, it was also driven by Phil Hill, a United States automobile racer. The Bugatti EB110 was also purchased by the seven time world champion Michael Schumacher, which he later sold the car in the year 2003.

The Bugatti EB110 featured six speed automatic transmission and the gear shifts can be performed easily at higher stress. The body of the car is made of aluminum and carbon fibre and it featured a double wish suspension, glass engine with speed sensitive electronic rear.

In the year 1991, the Bugatti EB110 featured a 3.5 L quad-turbo V12 engine with 60 valves. The capacity of the engine is 3499 cc and it delivered an output power of 524 bhp at 8000 rpm and it reached the speed of 62 mph in 4.5 seconds and the top speed is about 213 mph.

In the year 1992, the Bugatti EB110 “SuperSport” version was launched. The engine delivered an output power of 592 bhp at 8000 rpm and it reached the speed of 62 mph in 3.2 seconds and the top speed is about 216 mph.

1994 EB110 SS Side View

Vehicle Type: - 2-door coupe
Configuration: - Mid Engine
Engine: - 3.5 L quad-turbo V12
Capacity: - 3499 cc
Transmission: - 6-Speed Manual
Wheelbase: - 100.5 inches
Length: - 173.4 inches
Weight: - 3560 lbs

B Engineering Edonis
The B Engineering Edonis was built based on the model of Bugatti EB110 SuperSport. It featured a powerful 3.5 L quad-turbo V12 engine with four IHI turbochargers and an engine capacity of 3760 cc. The engine delivered an output power of 670 bhp at 8000 rpm and 542 lb-ft torque. It reached the speed of 62 mph in 3.9 seconds and the top speed is about 227 mph.

Dauer EB110
The Dauer EB110 was manufactured in two different forms which are the EB110 and Super Sport. Both these cars featured a powerful 3.5 L quad-cam V12 engine with four IHI turbochargers. The engine of the Dauer EB110 delivered an output power of 560 bhp at 8000 rpm and the Super Sport delivered an output power of 650 bhp at 8200 rpm. Both these cars reached the speed of 60 mph in 3.3 seconds and the top speed is about 230 mph.

Tattoo Shirt

tattoo shirt

The Most Popular Tattoo Shirt

By: Tattoo article

Are you currently working as a designer or design to make money, opportunity certainly available. Day tattoo shirt has become the accepted method of self proclamation. For example, as part of a package of personal branding, you can offer custom tattoo designs, window decal and tattoo shirt featuring all the customers private brand design.

tattoo shirt

Christian Audigier T-Shirts come in all shapes and sizes and feature a myriad of different designs to choose from. Most features Audigier's signature art style reminiscent of the modern tattoo shirt designs. Therefore, you can browse either female or male line of clothing.

Christian Audigier use tattoo shirt inspired by the arts and features such as skull tattoo pictures, roses, swords, hearts, panthers, Buddhas, dollar, eagle, Los Angeles sky and even a grenade with wings. They are also unique because they are a bit longer, until the thigh area in many designs, almost as if they were short dress. They show a beautiful work of art like a fractal design, roses, geisha, birds, hearts, eagles, Buddhas, butterflies, and even the Virgin Mary. Design is all done with Audigier's signature art style tattoo shirts.

tattoo shirt

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Magna seal deal to buy Opel and Vauxhall

The German government have announced that GM are in the process of selling 55% of their European car manufacturing arm to Canadian car part manufacturer Magna.
Whilst much speculation suggested that GM would like to keep hold of Opel and Vauxhall conditions put in place by both American and German governments may well have forced GM into parting with companies it would have preferred to retain. Tellingly it was the German government that announced the sale of Opel and Vauxhall to their favoured bidder. Exact details of finance and time scales for the hand over have yet to be released.
With the Frankfurt motor show just days away an end to speculation as to who will own Opel should help them launch the new Astra with increased confidence.

Crunch Time for GM Europe.

(New) General Motors are expected to announce what the future holds for Opel/Vauxhall as they announce who is buying (or not selling) GM Europe today at a press conference in Berlin, Germany.
It is thought that GM really do not want to sell the mainstay of GM Europe, hence the length of time they have deliberated about the sale and why no real news of favoured buyers has been released. Two days worth of meetings have been held in Detroit, America, by GM in an attempt to keep GM Europe in their control.
Whether GM not selling is a realistic option remains to be seen, the German Government (the the Opel Trust which is currently running GM Europe) have a very important say in the final decision on the future of both Opel and Vauxhall. So far all the Germans have said is „The €1.5 billion bridging credit is a loan. And a loan is a loan. GM must pay back the €1.5 billion under the conditions that we agreed on for Opel” and that there will be no more monies available should GM close factories in Germany. Whether this signals acceptance that GM are keeping GM Europe remains to be seen.
Certainly GM, Opel and the German government need a swift conclusion, the Frankfurt motor show and a German general election preclude any more stalling. The German voters and European car buying public need to know who owns Opel/Vauxhall and how secure their future is.....

Astra Debut

Opel {link}, along with sister company Vauxhall {link}, are debuting the new Astra at this month’s Frankfurt motor show (IAA). The 5 door model will be available almost immediately after the show and this Astra is possibly one of the most important models for the struggling car manufacturer, should it receive bad reviews and be unpopular with the public the future for the European arm of GM would not be healthy. Opel and Vauxhall have chosen to debut the 5 door model as this is the body design which dominates old Astra sales.
More economical engines and a modern, Insignia based, design seem to almost guarantee a good reception with the motoring press and European car buying public.
There will be a range of 7 engines available for the Astra as soon as sales start. Power options vary from 95 to 180PS with a six speed automatic gearbox available for the 1400 turbo, 1600 and 1600 turbo petrol engines as well as the 2 litre diesel.
Also debuting at the IAA {link} is an Ecoflex version of the Astra (pictured) using a 1300ccm diesel engine. Expected to become one of the more popular models withing the Astra range the Ecoflex will be available in showrooms in early 2010.

Tribal Design

tribal design

Top 6 body parts to get tribal Design

By Amber Elvira

Usually when talking about getting a tattoo, being first to choose the design and then talk to the tattoo artist about the best part of the body of that particular model. However, this trend seems to have changed recently with more and more people choosing a tattoo design of a specific body part. This demonstrates increased humble tattoo at the top of fashion. But when you want to get a tattoo in a particular body part that is good to remember that not all body parts are equal. That is the skin of every part of your body is different and depending on the thickness and smoothness of the skin, the ink creates a different effect on different parts. For example, the tattoos on the body part with a wrinkled skin like elbows, ankles, knees, will vanish. Also the lines created in this part have a tendency to spread. Having said that favorite body parts for tribal design tattoo are:

tribal design 1. Lower back tattoos: This is considered a very sensitive point for getting a tattoo. It adds an attractive woman's sensuality and mysticism, because the tattoo is only for the eyes of a loving and hidden from the world. Good designs that combine with a tribal design for a tattoo back include Jessica Alba as a tape, a fairy, like Britney Spears, a small flower, a heart or a tiger as Angelina Jolie.

2. Tattoo Armband: This time it was the most popular place to get a tattoo. He became especially famous after Pamela Anderson wore the barbed wire design as a bracelet. The designs of tribal arm band are particularly popular. Other famous designs include the reasons knot and wave patterns combined with the Celtic cross, skull, and many more.

3. Tattoo Wristband: This is a favorite among women. The tattoos are very feminine and delicate and are a fashion statement of all kinds. Popular designs are the serpent or dragon that encircles the wrist, and the reasons knot combined with small flowers, cartoons, fairies, dragonflies, or heart. The best part about these tattoos is that they can be conveniently hidden under a wrist watch or proudly boasts it as a cool bracelet permanent 'or' sale '.

tribal design 4. Arm Tattoo: Very popular with men, to see David Beckham and Anouk. The design of the best tribal designs for the arm (upper, lower, upper arm and shoulder and even sleeves) are usually black and bold abstract motifs or words in Sanskrit or Japanese, which can be even became an inspiration throughout Japanese manga.

5. Tattoo Ankleband: This is another favorite of the ladies. A tattoo ankleband seems particularly attractive when combined with a short skirt and high heels. You can go for ankleband tribal tattoo designs and combine with delicate feminine as strings, dolphins, flowers, stars, angel wings, butterflies, and so on, or be adventurous and go for the black tribal design and bold. Ankle tattoos celebrities ground Stephanie Seymour and Christy Turlington.

6. Leg Tattoo: This is a favorite among men, although there are many women who have thigh or the thigh and tattoos. Include black tribal designs and bold abstract motifs.

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Porsche 911 Sport Classic

”Out with the old and in with the new” is an oft used statement and when the new draws heavily on the old a future classic is always a possibility. Porsche Exclusive {link} (Porsche’s specialist tuning department) are launching the 911 Sport Classic at the IAA (Frankfurt Motor Show). A production run of 250 cars is planned; expect the 911 SC to sell out almost instantly.
The most interesting and striking feature on the SC harks back over 35 years to the 1973 Carrera RS 2.7; the “ducktail” rear spoiler has returned! Sitting between wider rear arches the unmistakable ducktail merges modern with classic beautifully. Whilst the ducktail spoiler is the most obvious feature of the new 911SC there are distinct differences over the Carrera S upon which the SC is based. For example a new spoiler adorns the front, whilst subtle roof bubbles on both passenger and driver side add an extra dimension to the external and internal styling.
Internally the Porsche 911 Sport Classic is modern through and through, drawing no design ideas from past times. New leather technologies have allowed the seat centre to be made from woven (yes woven) leather. The interior contrasts with the model specific exterior paint, Sport Classic Grey, which offers exclusivity and yet remains subtle and unobtrusive.
The wheels fitted to the 911 Sport Classic are a modern twist on a timeless classic, they may be 19” in diameter but they hark back to the Fuchs design of over 35 years ago, to the extent that they are black in colour just as the ever popular Fuchs wheels were.
Behind the Fuchs inspired wheels sit Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes whilst the rear wheels are driven through a 6 speed manual gearbox (no other option is available). The Porsche 911 Sport Classic sits some 20mm lower on its PASM suspension.
Power for the SC limited edition special is provided by a modified 3.8 litre engine which (after Porsche Exclusive have worked the magic) produces 408PS. By using direct fuel injection fuel consumption and emissions follow other models closely.
Sales of the Porsche 911 Sport Classic created by Porsche {link} Exclusive start in 2010, though with such a small production run the 1:43 model (launched at the same time) will be all bar a lucky few will own!

Polynesian Tattoo

polynesian tattoo

Polynesian Tattoo Designs - What You Need to Know

By Scott T Hastings

There are thousands of tattoo designs to choose from on websites and in catalogs. Tattoos in general are becoming more popular these days and it is Polynesian tribal designs that are becoming more frequent.

polynesian tattooYou must understand that there are two distinct styles when is comes to Polynesian tattoo . The first one is called Etna. Etna have a spiritual and religious significance for them. They are also magic symbols protecting against the gods. While Enata other style can be described as physical models that describe the person, there is identity and status. This includes their social, island of origin, occupation and history.

Symbols in Polynesian tattoo designs and their meanings are as follows --

* Shark teeth - Tattoos shark teeth are protected.

* Turtles - A symbol of the tortoise represents longevity and fertility.

* Shells - shells are a symbol of prosperity for the Polynesian people and they may have been used as the primary form of currency.

* Sharks - The shark itself is considered sacred. Polynesian shark tattoos are used as a symbol of protection against threats.

* Gecko - It is believed that the gecko has supernatural powers and are feared, but also polynesian tattoo held in check by the Polynesians. It is also believed that if a green gecko laughs when he is a terrible omen of misfortune and disease.

* Tiki - The Tiki God is often depicted with eyes closed. Because Tiki is able to smell trouble before it is seen.

The people of the Polynesian islands are spread everywhere. They include Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga, Easter Island, Tahiti, French Polynesia and even Hawaii. People across these islands developed there own distinct cultures over thousands of years. But what is fascinating is the similarity of cultures that have developed primarily in the practice of tattoo art. However tattoo Polynesian today does not mean in this day and age that people love to design rather than magical protection or tax status.

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