Fear And Loathing

Buttonwillow scares me. 

It's going to be miserably hot.

It's going to suck hauling my car there solo from Salt Lake over passes and through the desert with my little truck.

It's stressful to have an out of state team relying on me to have the car prepped after the overheat problems we've had.

I hear the track is the most technical in the 24HL series. I felt good about my skills at THill, there was no room for skills at AMP, and Reno I felt like I had my ass handed to me.

Despite all of this I'm pretty excited for this, my most adventurous race. Mark Jr and I got the water pump and timing belt done. First attempt the engine barely started and response was horrible. We noticed we were off one tooth on the exhaust cam. Second attempt she fire up immediately and sounded great for about 15 seconds before we slipped the timing belt. Too loose. Third time was a charm and the engine sounded FAB! 

We then did a compression test. After all the overheating we've punished V-RAM with I expected to have valve/head problems. It made 150, 165, 155, and 180 psi. Not bad at all for a $250 car that has been flogged! I may be hesitant about this race, but V-RAM is chomping at the bit.

Tattoo Clothing

tattoo clothing

The experience of the Art Tattoo with Ed Hardy Clothing and Accessories

By Vera Rizakulova

Ed Hardy has become one of the hottest brands and latest in the fashion industry today. A favorite of celebrities, hip hop artists and athletes, the brand has gained enormous popularity due to its unique design and unconventional.

The line of Ed Hardy clothing was inspired by and based on the work of Don Ed Hardy, who was a tattooist. This mark follows the legendary french fashion designer Christian Audigier, who teamed with the famous tattoo artist to introduce a premium brand.

You just have to get a tattoo on your body to enjoy this art. You can discover the art of tattooing through the line of Ed Hardy clothing, including t-shirts, Hoodies, clothing and more. The brand is not limited to clothing, but also extends to the same exclusive collection of fashion accessories ranging from fashionable hats, bracelets, belts sports shoes for men, women and children.

tattoo clothingThe bold designs in its line of clothing and accessories are sure to get a glimpse, even in a crowd. The t-shirts available in this flattering mark to give you a good and many of them are threaded with rhinestones for a more contemporary look. The colors of vintage tattoo inspired graphics on t-shirts with the Ed Hardy logo on the front and rear give a classic look that is extraordinary.

The Hoodies this mark are also a quite clean. They come from vintage designs and colors and exclusive models are a popular choice among young and fashion. These Hoodies are also perfect for everyday wear and for all time as they are lightweight and durable.

The brand also offers an exclusive selection of sports shoes such as print tattoo designs and come in a mixture of tones and colors that make them very elegant. These shoes not only provide style to your personality, but are also comfortable and a perfect choice to match your clothes with Ed Hardy.

This brand also has an impressive collection of hats, most of which feature a bold design embroidered with rich colors and rhinestone embellishments that make them unique. You will also find an equally impressive selection of other accessories like belts and bracelets to complement your clothing. The famous tattoo inspired tiger print decorative studding on the leather belts add a beautiful appearance. Although certain characteristics of skull belts tattoo inspired screen contrast Ed Hardy rhinestone and embroidery detail, others are studded with crystals to give a feminine touch cool.

It goes without saying that the clothing needs of the ideal perfect jewelry to complete and there is nothing to beat the classic hand wrist accessories that are available in this brand. Ed Hardy bracelet is a style in itself, and adds an extra zing to your personality. tattoo clothing

The brand is introducing the best selection of products that combines style and comfort. The clothing line Ed Hardy is best known for his artistic work and elegance of design than anything else. Each piece you see on the screen is a masterpiece in itself and a reflection of Ed Hardy's artwork. This has made the favorite brand of choice not only in the United States but also in other regions such as the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

This brand is an ideal choice to buy that drawings are always new and never out of style. You can buy authentic Ed Hardy clothing and accessories from the reputation of stores that offer a full range of that mark. You can also buy this line of online stores that make shopping easier in the comfort of your home.

So make sure you dress in fashion this season is filled with the hottest and latest on the market.

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Free Tattoo Design

Free Tattoo Designs?
By Susan Olofsson

free tattoo design

Do you really want a "free" tattoo design? Maybe. If you look through all of the free tattoo sites, you might be able to find a tattoo design that will suit your needs. There are SO many free tattoo design sites out there, that you could literally spend weeks searching through them all.

Generally, the free sites have tens of thousands of designs. Most are not organized in categories, and most do not give you the flexibility to change the scale of the design. And, I guarantee you will find the same cookie cutter designs on site after site. But if you are truly patient and willing to wade through all the designs you may find what you are looking for.

When you begin your search for the best tattoo design, there are a few important things to keep in mind. You want to find the best design that comes the closest to what you had in your head. You are going to spend a boatload of money on the actual tattoo, so you don't want to have any regrets later. After all, it is permanent.

So how do you find the best tattoo design? If you are looking for a simple basic design, you will probably have a pretty good chance of finding it on the "Free Tattoo" sites. If you are thinking of an intricate tribal tattoo, a Maori design, an awesome shoulder tattoo, a large back piece or something that is truly unique, you should really take your time and do all your research. Check out all the "free" sites. if you still can not find what you are looking for, tap some of your artistic friends to sketch a few designs for you. Also, go to your local tattoo shop and check out the designs on the wall and in their books. You should also check out other peoples ink to find a general idea of what you are looking for. Tweak it, change it, but don't copy it.

If you don't have any artistic friends, and really don't want the same tattoo as every other guy/girl walking down the street, check out some of the tattoo membership sites.

free tattoo designThey do charge you a fee for joining, some as low as $10, some as high as $69. When you consider what you are going to pay for the tattoo itself, these sites are a bargain. They are lifetime memberships. The nice thing about the membership sites is that they always have fresh tattoo designs. These sites encourage artists to submit designs and if accepted the artist earns a fee. What a great way to get top tattoo designs! The sites are very selective about the designs they choose, so you have a pretty good chance of finding a unique, beautiful tattoo that you will gladly live with your entire life. Membership sites also give you the ability to change the size of the tattoo flash. You can manipulate it, print it and take it directly to your tattoo artist. Not sure where to find a great tattoo artist? The really good membership sites also give you a list of great tattoo artists by state. There are also members areas where you can explore other members ink and leave comments, upload your photos, and keep up with everything that is going on in the tattoo world. Most have free bonuses for joining.

Wherever you choose to get your tattoo design, make sure it is the absolute best you can afford. Wait if you have to. Getting a tattoo is not something you should jump into. Find the best design, find the best tattoo shop and artist, and you will be on your way to getting the best kick-ass tattoo that you will gladly live with your entire life.

So yes, you can get a free tattoo design but does it really make sense? You want something unique, wonderfully designed, something you will love to live with the rest of your life. You, for sure, do not want that big shoulder tattoo design to looks like it came out of a gumball machine.

Please pay special attention here. Give careful consideration to tattooing your significant others NAME on yourself. Sure, they are really important to you today, but what about tomorrow, next month, 15 years from now. Think long and hard. Maybe it is a better idea to have some kind of a "symbol" tattoo that is important to both of you. A name is very personal and Cover up work or removal is very expensive. The name thing did not work out so well for Angelina Jolie did it?

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Toyota Kijang 1997 in Modification

At first time seeing this is cute Toyota Kijang, Otospeed is falling in love (summary from otospeed). curious feel is fulfilled without need to wait the owner. after contacting anywhere, finally we found out the owner, Norma Farsha, wife of Yosia Yogaswara, one of [the] member of TKCI (Toyota Kijang Club Indonesia) Semarang.
concept chosen for this family car is simple lowride theme. Newest change that is changing overall colour display by choosing tone solid pink, product from Spies Hecker combining with Xyrallic White. For short seeing, this car display is really usual, but after entering interior, you will feel a lot of change done. such as choosing full interior of brown colour from MB Tech with blend of snake leather that the working is entrusted to Banca Car Leather Seat. The unique thing, the stir handle on this car uses bike (bicycle) velg. For audio system, head unit pioneer 8650 is chosen. then it is supported by 2 power, monoblock fusion and 5 chanel fussion. For subwoofer, it also choose Fusion product that has size 12 inch. middle and twitter do even also not get out of Fusion Product.

modification list:
sunroof : webasto holandia large
ream : standards mercy chrome
spy : honda jazz
stoplamp : custom
monitor television : 1 necvoc, 2 liliput

Modification Honda Estilo 1994, Improving Quality up Throwing away boredom

Accurate strategy with changing performance from vehicle brand of honda type estilo product in 1994 give many effect to throw away boring when in drive chamber during for hours in every day.
Interior firstest get touch to be upgraded. its factory loaded audio is mutated with new audio ware more booms out and configuried well with elegant concept. New Bekleding from brand of MB Tech Camaro model of Garson facedowned well wraping seat up, doortrim, ceiling, and floor till audio box at hind baggage. variation accesories, ceiling lamp and pedal set with carpet by steel model bordes product of R type is applied well in cabin. other support ware and to cross illusion world of internet surfing, one laptop is applied complete with the battery admission filling installation.

not only up grading interior, outside look is also payed. grill custom handmade from chromium wraped iron is made to accustom its body kit. red bright color from Sikken is painted to entire body that in past has been changed to shavedoor in door lock system. formation rimm 18" of Replika Auto Culture brand wrapped with rubber of Nankang Ultra Sport 215/35.
Modification list:
- Interior bekleding set
- MB Tech Camaro model of Garson
- stir Momo
- shift knob : Momo
- head unit: DVD Pioneer DVH P5850MP
_ power: Soundstream P-5600
- speaker: Venom, Pearles
subwoofer : P-1 Punch

ream: 18" replica auto culture
door style : doortrim

F1, 2010 Totally Change

For economizing reason and for increasing competition violent delivers among all teams, FIA as highest motorsport federation in the world launches new regulation for race in next season of F1 2010. in the beginning race season 2010 there are no F1 racer entering pit-stop for fuel filling. So they enter pit just for change tyre or repair. because of this new regulation, rule of about minimum heavy limit of car is even also added for 15kg to be 620kg. this regulation is apparently simple and really ever done in past 1994, but with engine that is decried up to 2400 cc from 3000 cc and configuration V from 10 to be 8 now must economical without filling fuel up to around 300km (average every series go through 300km). of course it needs cost not little by each team to redesign their car. in other side, change by change in every year is so much, include this year that applying KERS as new design and unfortunately, it was cancelled to be used because assumed, it will load more vehicle weight.

see following f1 engine facts:
- every litre can only go through for average 1.5 km (75 litre/100 km)
- every cylinder is limitted for the valve total (max 4 valve)
- RPM is limitted only until 18,000 rpm
- engine materials (including inside part) is limitted only from iron and alumunium
- energy produced must be 700 up to 780 hp (v8 2400 cc)
- velocity: 0 - 100 km/hour: 1.7 second
0 - 200 km/hour: 3.8 second
0 - 300 km/hour: 8.6 second
- speed maximum recorded Monza, Italian 360 km/hour
- braking from 100 - 0 km/hour (till stop) only 17 m away
- the fact is like told above but the technology that is demanded is even also tighter. Engine is decried and limitted but cost estimation and fuel even also depressed. this development is surely not economizing for all teams

Corvette C6, the Fastest Car

You may be never hear about Techco. this automotive world activator is one of [the] reliable tuner that the quarters is at Anaheim, California, United State of America. as a tuner like others in uncle Sam country, Techco is famous expert in modify reliable car of the country product which is done in the beginning of this year to LX Chrysler and Ford Mustang. successful with both, Then The tuner produce sedan from chevrolet that is Corvette with better power. new penetration is seen clearly from installing a new supercharger kit 'Reverse-Revolution Twin-Screw for all model of Corvette C6 from 2005 until now. it is not strange if speed adder is able to be installed at every engine model LS2, LS3 or LS7 V8. This supercharger is designed and produced by in one talent team from Techco self. In past, this supercharger model has been applied in Dodge / Chrysler 5.7 litre and 6.1-litre v8s at last year,and then followed by application for Ford Mustang 4.6 litre 3-valve-v8 in february 2009. as Ford and Dodge/Chryslerdesign, the supercharger kit of Techco for corvette is combining among a big sized blower transductor, intercooler skilled system, high volume fuel rail with injector 54 lb / hour.

The result is reasonable and effectively increasing the car standards energy up to 600 hp with torque in approximately number 535 lb-ft. In test drive, we will also be shocked with two special characters that is more visible from this car. if it is seen from outside, we will conclude if this car is so identical with race nuance. but the unique things if we come into interior, the atmosphere is directly changing. The new cabin space control system as like lights 'dumb mode' when supercharger voice coming up and when the car is forced to run fast. buffer sector itself such as rim is redesigned to be silver colour so that its color will be contrast with light red color from this 2 doors car.
front face looks strong visible with elegant headlight of "angel eyes" style with installing square fog light at downside part of its. other, there is no significant change except at rearside with 4 elegant sporty muffler holes. harmonizing with its outside part, correction of inside is more delicious seen with application of black nuance leather
Specifications :

Car : Techco Supercharged Corvette
Basic car : Chevrolet Corvette C6
Tuner : Techco
Engine : new Reverse-Revolution Twin-Screw Supercharger kit for all 2005-Current (C6) Corvettes equipped with the LS2, LS3 or LS7 V8s

Power : 600 Hp

Torque : 535 lb-ft

Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 VALENTINO BALBONI [1600X1200] HQ pics!

He has long been revered as one of the many legends surrounding the world's most uncompromising sports car brand – Valentino Balboni, a remarkable test driver with his own personal cult status. Automobili Lamborghini now presents a model in his honour and bearing his name – the Gallardo LP 550-2 Valentino Balboni.
For several decades, Valentino Balboni has had a distinct influence on the character of the super sports car bearing the sign of the bull. With his fine-tuning and testing work, he has helped to shape many automotive legends, from the Lamborghini Miura of the 60s through to the current Gallardo and MurciƩlago models. Balboni was hired in 1967 by company founder Ferruccio Lamborghini himself.
After over 40 years with Lamborghini, Balboni is now officially retired. Yet, Valentino Balboni continues to travel to many countries around the world as an ambassador of the brand.The special exclusivity of the Gallardo LP 550-2 Valentino Balboni is guaranteed – it is limited to 250 units.
In the Valentino Balboni, the compact and lightweight power unit generates 405 kW (550 hp). At a dry weight of only 1,380 kilograms, this guarantees outstanding performance: the LP 550-2 is catapulted from 0 to 100 km/h (0-62mph) in a breathtaking 3.9 seconds, while the top speed of 320 km/h (199 mph) guarantees its place among the ultimate in super sports cars.
Suggested retail price – without taxes
Europe: 162.000 €
UK: 137.900 £
USA: 219.800 $

Tattoo Drawings

tattoo drawings

Where To Find Tattoo Drawings

I remember line breaks in search of tattoo drawings about two years ago. It was so much easier to find works of art of high quality then. Now the average person is bombarded by generic laced galleries, nothing after the punch, but undesirable. You can get right to the last few galleries terrible, but, while getting directly to those who after sensational, original tattoo drawings.

tattoo drawingsDo you want to spend the next two days through the 1000 weed generic, cookie cutter drawings? Well, that's exactly what happens to most people because they are "looking" for tattoo drawings the wrong direction. The evil in this case is to use search engines. If you have even thought to use them to get this, it is time to forget. They do not work, because the lists of search engines put in place is packed to the brim with generic laced sites, which have no problem with launching all the cookie-cutter art that they can obtain a d '.

Long story short, it is now a great way to find the original high quality works of art created by artists. So what is the best way to find such good works? It would be forums. Big forums to be exact. If you want to see full galleries of quality tattoo drawings, you'll need to be. big galleries are filled with hundreds of tattoos on various topics, which can be instantly pulled up from the archives. You can have so many of these themes in front of you to browse through. Skimming just a part of them are as much input from other people, including where they have personally found huge quantities of quality works of art recently. The best of all, it does not take much time.

The quality tattoo drawings, you can look through a great influence on the originality of the tattoos you put on your body.

By Adam Woodham

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Perodua ViVA ELITE: a new look for the Viva

Perodua launched the new Perodua ViVA Elite today, aimed at offering the market a variant with a more stylish image compared to the original ViVA. It is an aesthetic modification in the style of the Myvi SE, and at the same time they’ve revamped the model line-up a little.
The ViVA was first introduced with 660cc, 850cc, 1,000cc and 1,000cc premium variants. Now it has restructured the model lineup, offering the 660 BX MT, 660 EX MT, 850 MT, 1.0 AT, 1.0 ELITE MT, 1.0 ELITE AT, and the 1.0 ELITE EZi. That’s three different variants for the new ViVA ELITE.
Externally, the ViVA Elite has its own front bumper with integrated foglamps, front grille and its own engine hood design. On the side you’ll see chrome door handles, side skirts, and 14 inch 12-spoke alloy wheels. On the back you’ll see a new rear bumper with a honeycomb grille design, and the 1.0 ELITE EZi model (note, this is different from the ELITE AT) gets an additional rear spoiler. The windows of the ViVA Elite also feature a UV protection coating that is said to reject 91% of UV rays.

On the inside you get a new 1-DIN head unit with MP3 and WMA support, an underside tray under the passenger seat, seat backpockets, a new seat fabric design, and fabric trim on the door panels. All ViVA ELITE models will get seat height adjusters for the driver’s seat, and electrically adjustable side mirrors. On the ELITE EZi, these side mirrors are also electrically retractable and have integrated turn signals.

Only the ViVA 1.0 ELITE EZi gets a full load of safety features including dual SRS airbags for the front, ABS brakes, EBD and Brake Assist. Power steering is also only available on the ELITE models. The other non-Elite models are left with just basic features such as reverse sensors on the 850 and 1.0 model, and a CD player on the 660 EX, 850 and 1.0 model. The following are the prices for the new Perodua ViVA range including the non-Elite models:
· Perodua ViVA Elite M/T - RM37,900
· Perodua ViVA Elite A/T - RM40,900
· Perodua ViVA Elite EZi - RM44,900
· Perodua ViVA 1.0 AT - RM36,900
· Perodua ViVA 850 MT - RM32,900
· Perodua ViVA 660 EX MT - RM28,900
· Perodua ViVA 660 BX MT - RM25,300

dragonfly tattoo

dragonfly tattoo

Top Dragonfly Tattoo Guide!

Dragonfly tattoos are people who are looking for something beautiful and staggered. They are very popular for many types of people because they can be made so that they are feminine and colorful, or they may be drawn so they are quite like bug, scary, dark, and masculine . Male or female, male or female, are large dragonfly tattoo choice for virtually all those who want something a little unusual.

Dragonfly tattoos are perfect for any part of the body. They are often the basic images that provide a lot of visual impact. Dragonfly tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo styles available. This type of tattoo is actually pretty easy to draw, even if you're not an artist, you can help the design of the dragonfly you want to put on your body, it is unique to your style and preferences.

Dragonfly tattoos are quite mystical quality to them. A fairy tale quality that is beautiful in May, but in a more distinct than a fairy or butterfly image. Dragonfly tattoo designs can often have a dark tribal look, for example, which is masculine. They are very popular today, many years, dragonflies have been convicted and are rebels in the western world. The Dragonfly has always been a mystery to the west and it is often assumed to be related to which craft and black magic.

There are many myths in Western folklore that dragonflies will do bad things for small children and they have certainly been associated with the devil. In America, for several centuries, it was believed that dragonflies have the power to point the eyes closed and mouths of children to sleep. People have always assumed dragonflies be linked to black magic in the Western world. For more than a thousand years of dragonflies were regarded as "witch animals were exterminated and wherever possible.

dragonfly tattooDragonfly tattoo designs can be seen everywhere on the peoples of landing arms, shoulders, chest, hips and lower back. Dragonfly tattoo designs are very popular with women. They are nice and colorful, while a little more unique and unexpected. Dragonfly tattoo designs give you the freedom to make a colorful tattoo perfect for those who, instead Flirty places like hip and lower back and is indicative of a person who can not be easily classified as the creature that inspired it.

If you go to the tattoo salon in your area to discuss dragonfly tattoos, chances are they have also many ideas for tattoo designs. May design a sexy little secret or a tribute to nature and free spirit that the dragonfly represents. Dragonflies are often seen mystical combined with other models such as fairies, stars, skulls, arrows and moons.

Dragonfly tattoos are a perfect representation for those who want to express their free spirit. The dragonfly lives in air and water in his kingdom of larvae and adult stages and passes the influence of these two elements to the most sought wearer.The color dragonfly tattoos are black, gray, blue , green, orange, yellow, red, white, violet and purple.

The dragonfly tattoos are adopted by men and women, young and old but they are often described as very sweet, sexy and feminine. Their universal appeal, in conjunction with the wide variety of styles and colors that can be represented in ways that Dragonfly tattoos are simply for more success in the future.

By Mark F Hargreaves

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Armband Tattoo

armband tattoo

Things You Should Know About Armband Tattoo

First time to make tattoos all over their bodies to opt for an armband tattoo design. Often, choosing this type of tattoo is a puzzle because of the plethora of options available. Those who receive tattoos for the first time usually feel overwhelmed and, of course, they fear that could make the wrong choice. Armband tattoo is safe, so it became the popular choice, regardless of age, sex, occupation or status of life.

armband tattooBody care who are on the upper arm or around the widest part of biceps are considered a fad. It is a safe choice for a tattoo because you can hide it under a short or long sleeve blouse, if you need to be in a professional or social conservative. It can be an eye-catcher when you spread during the night-outs or regular activities, like shopping.

This type of tattoo can be very feminine or masculine. It may also have a neutral concept and designs are endless. The most sought after designs Celtic knots, Hawaiian, flowers, dragons, snakes, birds, the United States and certain models. You can also combine tribal designs to make a single for you.

The arm is one of the body where it is not really painful tattoo ink. The problem is the inner part of the arm, which is very sensitive to pain stimuli. This is probably why there are so many who have a tattoo armband.

By Tony Newton

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History of Ferrari

Ferrari S.p.A. is an Italian sports car manufacturer based in Maranello, Italy. Founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1928 as Scuderia Ferrari, the company sponsored drivers and manufactured race cars before moving into production of street-legal vehicles in 1947 as Ferrari S.p.A.. Throughout its history, the company has been noted for its continued participation in racing, especially in Formula One, where it has enjoyed great success.
Type Subsidiary
Founded 1947
Founder(s) Enzo Ferrari
Headquarters Maranello, Italy
Key people Luca di Montezemolo, (Chairman)
Piero Ferrari, (Vice-President)
Amedeo Felisa, (CEO)
Giancarlo Coppa , (CFO)
Industry Automotive
Products Sports cars
Revenue 1,921 million (2008)[1]
Employees 2,926 (2007)[2]
Parent Fiat S.p.A.
Website Ferrariworld.com


The company's loftiest efforts have been in the supercar market. The 1962 250 GTO may be considered the first in the line of Ferrari supercars, which extends to the recent Enzo Ferrari and FXX models.

Concept cars and specials

Ferrari has produced a number of concept cars, such as the Ferrari Mythos. While some of these were quite radical (such as the Ferrari Modulo and never intended for production, others such as the Ferrari Mythos have shown styling elements which were later incopoprated into production models.

The most recent concept car to be produced by Ferrari themselves was the 2005 Ferrari Ascari.

A number of one-off special versions of Ferrari road cars have also been produced, some of which have been commissioned by wealthy owners.

Ferrari Enzo On Top Gear - Click here for the most popular videos

2002 Lotus Elise

LOTUS AUTO CAR : 2002 Lotus Elise

LOTUS AUTO CAR : 2002 Lotus Elise

LOTUS AUTO CAR : 2002 Lotus Elise

LOTUS AUTO CAR : 2002 Lotus Elise

LOTUS AUTO CAR : 2002 Lotus Elise

LOTUS AUTO CAR : 2002 Lotus Elise

LOTUS AUTO CAR : 2002 Lotus Elise

LOTUS AUTO CAR : 2002 Lotus Elise

LOTUS AUTO CAR : 2002 Lotus Elise

2002 Lotus Esprit V8

LOTUS AUTO CAR : 2002 Lotus Esprit V8

2004 Lotus Elise

LOTUS AUTO CAR : 2004 Lotus Elise

LOTUS AUTO CAR : 2004 Lotus Elise

LOTUS AUTO CAR : 2004 Lotus Elise

LOTUS AUTO CAR : 2004 Lotus Elise

LOTUS AUTO CAR : 2004 Lotus Elise

LOTUS AUTO CAR : 2004 Lotus Elise

LOTUS AUTO CAR : 2004 Lotus Elise

2005 Lotus Circuit Car

LOTUS AUTO CAR : 2005 Lotus Circuit Car

LOTUS AUTO CAR : 2005 Lotus Circuit Car