Hawaiian Tattoos

Hawaiian tattoos and body art have a history of thousands of years and experience a renewed popularity since the 90s, together with other tribal tattoo styles. Aloha!

There’s more to Hawaii than flowers and leis, after all – the Hawaiian islands are part of a larger chain, the Polynesian Islands, which include other island cultures such as the Maori and the Samoan, tribal communities with a rich tattoo tradition.

Tribal Hawaiian arm tattoo
All of these cultures were famous for their tattoo art. Modern tribal tattoos are based on the traditional tattoo art of the Polynesian islands, and Hawaiian arm tattoos represent both the popular culture of Hawaii and the older tribal traditions.

In a sense, it’s natural that Hawaiian tattoos are so popular right now. Other Hawaiian designs and styles – like Hawaiian shirts – have had their day and currently have a strong retro appeal. Hawaiian arm tattoos are also a manifestation of the resurgence of ‘Tiki’ culture, so popular in the 1950s and 60s.

Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos
Tattooing was an important aspect of the Hawaiian culture, just like anywhere on the Polynesian islands. The Hawaiians even have tattoo gods and each time a member of the community gets a tattoo, prayers had to be done in the temple.

Hawaiian tribal tattoo art, known as Kakau, has been practiced for thousands of years and for a variety of purposes:
* Personal identification: unlike other Polynesian tattoo styles, Hawaiian tattoos are used for personal identification (instead of ceremonial purposes).
* Talisman: tattoos were believed to offer protection.
* As a symbol of mourning for a loved one.
* Adornment

Kukui Nuts, Used in Hawaiian Tattoo Ink

The Hawaiian tribal tattoos were mostly black, the tattoo ink was made of a mixture of kukui nuts and sugarcane juice.

Getting a tattoo in a tribal community was not a very pleasant occasion, modern tattoo equipment was not part of tribal life. Instead they used sharp and pointy parts of animals, like bird beaks and claws, that were connected to a branch and hit with a mallet.

The Hawaiian tattoo designs are larger compared to other Polynesian designs, and bolder as well. Typical Hawaiian tattoo designs include:
* Lizards: the Hawaiians had a great respect and fear for lizards.
* Sea turtle tattoos
* Dolphins
* Tropical flowers
* Arrows

Typical spots for tribal Hawaiian tattoos:
* Male: the legs, arms, face and torso
* Female: the hands, wrist and tongue

In the beginning of the 19th century, when European settlers arrived in Hawaii, the art of the Hawaiian tattoo slowly vanished until its renaissance in the 20th century.

Hawaiian Tattoos

Hawaiian Tattoos

Hawaiian Tattoos

Hawaiian Tattoos

Hawaiian Tattoos

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Phoenix Tattoo Designs

Phoenix are a very popular tattoo design. Phoenix made as phoenix tribal tattoos or phoenix Celtic tattoos are also very popular.

Phoenix tattoos can be tattooed as armbands / arm bands, lowerback / lower back pieces, on ankles, shoulders, the upperback area, chest. . . just about anywhere as body art.

People now commonly search online using the internet for phoenix tattoo flash (tattoo art / tattoo pictures) and this is a great source to find phoenix tattoos. First instinct is to find free phoenix tattoo designs, but the quality of these designs is generally pretty poor (you get what you pay for, of course).

Tattoo Artists who create our tattoo flash get paid a royalty, so your purchase goes to support the flash artists to create more top quality tattoo artwork!

Phoenix tattoo

Phoenix tattoo

Phoenix tattoo

Phoenix tattoo

Phoenix tattoo